Lesson Library

The Learnics Lesson Library is a collection of lessons developed by our Teacher Ambassadors and Advisory Panel which focus on the use of Learnics during student online research.

We utilize the FCPS Research Process Skills to identify online research skills that students will develop during the course of the lesson:

  • Thesis
  • Organizers and Outlining
  • Sources
  • Note Taking
  • Documenting Sources
  • Product
  • Time Management
  • Evaluation & Reflection

We emphasize using Learnics as a teacher and student reflection tool during the learning process:

  • Student online learning record keeping
  • Student reflections on Insight link
  • Student discussions on Insight links
  • Teacher assistance for specific students
  • Teacher data reflection for further teaching on the lesson
  • Teacher data reflection for lesson improvements/changes

Lesson Library

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