Educators and students gain visibility into  online research and the learning process, not just the product.

Our Story

Learnics was established in the fall of 2017 by Dr. Greg Cottrell, Dr. Doug Lare, & Karl Pietrzak.

The Learnics journey began in 2017 when Greg Cottrell, an assistant principal, noticed the vast amount of data collected by a school's activity monitoring tool for online safety. Intrigued by the potential of this data for improving learning, Greg, with the guidance of Dr. Doug Lare, focused his doctoral research on learning analytics. He manually analyzed student online activity to provide teachers with valuable insights, but it was time-consuming.

Greg's research demonstrated the value of targeted online learning data but highlighted the impracticality of manual analysis. Greg, Doug, and software engineer Karl Pietrzak founded Learnics to address this challenge. Their first tool was known as Learnics' ThinkingApp.  It empowered students to record and share their real-time learning data. This innovative approach returns ownership of learning data to students and offers educators profound insights into the digital learning process.Learnics has come a long way since 2017.   Through the support of grants from the National Science Foundation on countess hours of teacher feedback Learnics' software has evolved into a tool that  gives students the power to track their research, create bibliographies, organize notes from the sites used for research, and authenticate work for any audience.

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Learnics helps make the invisible - visible. Providing an opportunity for learners, teachers, and administrators to truly go beyond the product and illuminate the process.
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