Assignment Name: Learning to use Learnics

Topic/Unit: Who would you choose to put on a postage stamp? 

Students will be able to

  • Explore the Learnics extension
  • To complete a Learnics assignment as well as answer post-assignment questions

In this assignment, you will learn about the postage stamp's history and answer the question, what important person from your life would you choose to put on a postage stamp and why? 

Complete the following questions (1-4) about postage stamp history. Next, complete the chart based on an important person in your life you would choose to be on a postage stamp. 

Use the teacher recommended website and two additional sites to complete your research.  

Recommended Site: 

  1. How are the images or people selected to be on an American postage stamp? 
  2. Who was the first person on the 5-cent American postage stamp? 
  3. What are two guidelines to be considered to be on a postage stamp? 
  4. Who will be the newest person on the American postage stamp? 
  5. Who you would choose and why to be on the postage stamp.  Based on your research, what criteria do they meet to be considered?

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