Targeted Learning Analytics

Better understand your students’ online processes to transform their educational experience through the ThinkingApp

Learnics is committed to ensuring that teachers find learning behavior data to be both meaningful and actionable data. To achieve this mission, Learnics partners with researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the way students learn online and develops analytics and training modules to help teachers gain insight and take steps to improve digital learning both in their classroom and outside of it.


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Completed Research

Research is a critical component of successful and innovative instructional tools and strategies. Our team has conducted extensive research in order to provide the most effective and efficient resources in learning analytics.

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Our team believes in the power of connecting, collaborating, and supporting the education community. Check here frequently for news about where the Learnics team will be presenting next, featured user tips and tricks, and much more.

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Who is Learnics?

Learnics is a company founded by educators for educators. Meet the team, learn more about the inspiration behind Learnics, and read about our recent accomplishments!


“ThinkingApp data complimented my understanding about if students were meeting my learning expectations and it helped me to determine on and off task behaviors.”

— 7th Grade Teacher: ThinkingApp User


Teaching and Learning

Despite the level to which you teach, the use of Learnics’ ThinkingApp will support various teaching and learning strategies of educators, media specialists, administrators, and more.