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Gain the information needed to hold students accountable.

What is Learnics?

Learnics Insight Link is a free Google Chrome Extension that allows students to capture and submit a record of their online learning experience as part of an assignment, making the process as important as the final product. 

This record of online activity allows teachers to hold students accountable, identify students in need of support and improve the design of their lessons.  With Learnics tools, teachers can answer these basic questions about the online learning experiences that they are creating.

1. How long is it taking for students to complete the work?
2. Are the students accessing the prescribed websites, podcasts, and videos?
3. Do students know how to complete independent online research and if so, what resources are they using?
4. How are students finding and using new content online?
5. How can I hold students accountable for their virtual presence during online learning?

The goal of Learnics is to support, improve, and transform student online learning experiences. Whether the instruction is virtual, hybrid, flipped, or blended, the Learnics Insight Link (Learnicsᴵᴸ) provides teachers with feedback to support the online learning process.

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2 Types of Learnics Assignments

1. Learnics Web-Inquiry Assignments

Students access and interact with content directly from the Learnics’ Student Webpage.

  • Perfect for short answer assignments, webquests & flipped learning
  • Access to Google Classroom & Google Docs not required
  • Ability to add content & reflection questions

2. Learnics-enabled Google Classroom Assignments

Students access and interact with a Google Doc directly from Google Classroom while their online activity is logged.

  • Perfect for writing assignments, research projects & assignments formatted for Docs
  • Access to Google Classroom required
  • Analytics provided through app.learnics.com.

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Learnics Professional Learning

To truly transform learning with Learnics, one must first share in the belief that an awareness of student online activity can improve teaching and learning.

Learnics Professional Learning (Learnicsᴾᴸ) is designed to support educators’ shift to digital learning by developing an understanding of how to design, deliver, analyze and assess virtual learning experiences. Learnicsᴾᴸ uses research-based strategies to help teachers become reflective and effective digital educators in both totally virtual as well as blended learning environments.

"When we first got introduced to Learnics, I was so excited. It gives students the ability to use their digital native skills—something that is sometimes foreign to me, is an afterthought for them. Learnics is change in education; it’s helping us ensure that students are prepared for the 21st century."
Erin Laney
Social Studies Teacher
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Learnics helps make the invisible - visible. Providing an opportunity for learners, teachers, and administrators to truly go beyond the product and illuminate the process.
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