Completed Research

Learnics is committed to ensuring that teachers find learning behavior data to be both meaningful and actionable. To achieve this mission, Learnics partners with researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the way students learn online and develops analytics and training modules to help teachers gain insight and take steps to improve digital learning both inside of their classroom and out.

Research is a critical component of successful and innovative instructional tools and strategies. Our team has conducted extensive research in order to provide the more effective and efficient resources in learning analytics. Below are a few examples:

Greg Cottrell Dissertation - Globe and Mortarboard

Greg Cottrell

Thinking Outside the Box: A Descriptive Study Focusing on the Application of Learning Analytics on Instructional Design

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Isabel Resende Dissertation - Lightbulb and Pencil

Isabel Resende

An Action Research Study of Teachers' Use of Learning Analytics as a Formative Practice.

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Katie Quartuch Dissertation - Magnifying Glass and Globe

Katie Quartuch

Student Reflections; Media Literacy & Learning Analytics.

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