Setting personal/educational goals

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Assignment Name: Setting personal/educational goals. 

How do I set and track my personal and educational goals?

Students will be able to: spend 20 minutes researching and establishing an educational SMART goal without being off task.

1.  Research SMART Goal Setting Process. 

Resources:  SMART GOAL Process


Research at least 2 additional sources that support the SMART Goal Setting process. 


2.  Using the SMART Goal process, Identify 1 educational goal you wish to work on this year. 


3. Document your plan in the Reaching My Goals

4.  Submit your assignment and review your Learnics data. 

5.  Create and submit a bibliography from the Learnics app.  

6. Complete assigned self-reflection questions. 

      Look at the data that Learnics provide and describe whether or not you achieved your goal of remaining on task for 20 minutes.  


     If you have did not achieve your goal, what types of distractions can you identify? 




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