Learning Learnics: Getting to Know what Learnics Can Do

Barbara McCarty
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Learning Learnics: Getting to Know what Learnics Can Do

Assignment Name:  Learning Learnics: Getting to Know what Learnics Can Do

Topic/Unit: Digital Tools

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students will use Learnics  while completing an online scavenger hunt and then analyze their research data. Through this analysis, students will understand the type of data collected and how this information might help them develop stronger research skills.

 Students will be able to

  • Effectively use the Learnics extension to gather research data
  • Describe the type of information that is gathered while using the Learnics extension
  • Use Learnics data to better understand and build their own online search skills

1.  Use this Google Slides Presentation ( Slide presentation pdf) to guide your students through this lesson.

  • Slide One: Explain to students that Learnics is a program that will help us gather data about our research habits to improve how we find and process information.
  • Slide Two: Be sure to link your Learnics assignment to this page, so that students can easily navigate to Learnics and begin logging sites. Use these directions to review how to start and end logging from the Learnics assignment page.
  • Slide Three: Copy the linked Google form (or create a digital scavenger hunt of your own) and link it to attached graphic, so students can easily access the activity.

2. After starting logging with Learnics, students will open a new tab and begin searching for answers to the questions on the form.

3.  Once the form is complete and submitted, students should return to the Learnics assignment page and submit their assignment. 

4. After submitting their Learnics assignment, students will examine their data to answer the following Post-Assignment questions in Learnics:

  • What kind of information did Learnics track as you were completing your digital scavenger hunt?
  • How might this information be helpful to you, as a student, when you are completing a research assignment? How might it be helpful to your teacher?

5. Teacher will share the teacher's view with the students and guide them through the information that is captured while using Learnics. Teacher will hold a     whole class discussion focused on the answers to the Post-Assignment questions.

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