Reading Literature: Build Background with Research

Emily Williams
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Assignment Name:  Reading Literature: Build Background with Research

Topic/Unit:         Middle School Language and Literature

Lesson Overview:         In this lesson students will research the historical context of a fictional work to build background knowledge. 

 Students will be able to

  • identify a time, place or character (person) that is portrayed in an historical account or a fictional work.  (ELA Reading Literature 7.9)
  • use Learnics data to demonstrate and understand their research process.

The novel you are reading is:  “The Ties That Bind, The Ties That Break” by Lensey Namioka

Brief overview of novel: The story is set in 1911 in mainland China.  Ailin, the main character of the story, is an adolescent girl from an upper class family. 

1.  Research to identify three historical events may be relevant to this story.  Briefly explain each event discussing who, what, when, where and why?  

Write your answer here. 




2. Research what life was like for people at this time? Identify and explain three features of the social or cultural context that were important. Consider what beliefs, values and customs were important. 

Write your answers here: 





3. Submit your assignment.

4. Review your data in the Learnics App. 

5. Access the bibliography feature in the Learnics  App. Create and submit the bibliography. 

6. Answer the questions in the Post-Assignment Questions section. 

  • Which search terms were most helpful?
  • Which site did you spend the most time on?  Why?
  • Which site was the most helpful? Why?


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