Keyword Search Lesson

Emily Williams
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Learnics Keyword Search Lesson 

Assignment Name: Keyword Searches

Topic/Unit: Research Skills

 Students will be able to

            select keywords to research a research question and evaluate the results

           experiment with broadening/narrowing keyword searches

            use Learnics data to understand their own research skills better

1. Watch the video below to learn a strategy for selecting keywords. 

Selecting and Using Keywords 

Describe the strategy. Use the pictures below to focus your answer. Answer questions in the Learnics app. 

2. Follow the strategy in the video to select keywords for the following research question. Remember to think about synonyms and ways to narrow and broaden the keywords. 

Do smartphones actually make people smarter? Answer questions in the Learnics app. 


3. Search on Google using the keywords in your list.  Scan the search results to find sources that help you answer the research question.  

  • Don’t try to read everything.  First, look over the results to see if they seem helpful. 
  • Only open the sites that are most likely to have good information.    
  • Try different combinations of keywords.
  • If you find new words in the results, add them to your list.

4. Choose three (3) sources that help answer the research question.  Briefly read those sources.  At this point, you are quickly reading or skimming to make sure the source has good information. Answer questions in the Learnics app. 

5. Read the rest of this assignment!  You have work to do after you turn it in!

6. Submit your assignment.

7. Open the Learnics App.  Review your data.

8. Answer the questions in the Post-Assignment Questions section. 

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