The first part of this lesson was the previous day: From Why to Should? For this lesson, I asked students: Should we study British Literature in a North American public high school? They chose a stance and were asked to find 3 reliable sources (using CRAAP criteria)--2 that supported their position and 1 that refuted it. I did not give much more direction than that as I was hoping to use the Learnics data to truly see the questions and research strategies they use to find their sources.

Using Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose (CRAAP) criteria, students will evaluate internet source reliability while also also locating 3 sources (2 to support and 1 to refute) their selected position in response to the given prompt. Using Learnics platform, students will analyze the data provided and answer the 2 post reflection questions to provide feedback to the teacher.

Learning Product - What will students create to demonstrate their learning?

Using their selected sources from Learnics experience, students will craft an annotated bibliography which summarizes, evaluates with CRAAP, and reflects on their sources for the purposes of writing an argumentative essay at the end of the semester. 

Students will complete the questions on the link to the student copy of the lesson.

Assignment Details

You are to follow the directives from Learnics.

Your task is to find 3 sources for your position to the following question:

  • Should we study British Literature in a North American public high school?

Find 2 sources to support your position and 1 to refute.

As with yesterday, be sure to answer today's 2 questions in Learnics.

Read and annotate your 3 articles for class tomorrow.

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