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Learnics Benefits

AP Capstone does not allow teachers to give students feedback on their assignment, however with Learnics teachers can make sure to keep their students' research on track. Learnics allows teachers to make class-wide feedback suggestions on the research process and is well positioned to support students in the peer review process of AP Capstone.

Learnics Allows:

  • Teachers to see where students went off course
  • Teachers to guide students from the beginning if they are using non-academic sources
  •  Teachers to encourage peer review by showing classwide data of research activity 
  • Teachers to create assignments with embedded sites or sources 
  • Students and teachers to see the amount of time they spend on sources with a running record of sites visited 
  • Students to access an auto-generated work cited page to assist with bibliographies and annotations. 
  • Students to self-monitor performance based on expectations