AP Capstone


Learnics Supports

  • Peer Review & Collaboration - Learnics allows students to share their resources and search terms with other students to support collaborative research projects and peer review.
  • Work In Progress Meetings - Teachers can use a record of student research activity to steer students in the right direction and suggest areas in need of further inquiry.
  • Whole Group Feedback - Teachers can review class-wide research behavior data to support whole-class teaching of research skills and rubric expectations.
  • Time Management & Self-Regulation - Students and teachers can set and monitor various research goals such as time on task, websites accessed, and categories of websites visited.
  • Easy Bibliography and Annotations - Take the frustrations out of bibliographies and annotations with the easiest bibliography tool available. Websites are automatically added to bibliography as the student is working!
  • A.I. & Integrity - Teachers can review the use of A.I. sources and view source of bulk copy and paste performed by students.

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