IEP/Intervention Goal Template

Emily Williams
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Assignment Name: IEP/Intervention Goal Template 

Student A will improve organization skills for homework through specific, repetitive instruction, and use of 

  • Checklist for on-task Independent Work
  • Student Planner and Reflection
  • Learnics data 

1.  Use the checklist below to plan and organize your work. 

2.  Document your plan in the Student Planning Form.

3.  Follow your plan and complete your work.

4.  Document your progress in the Student Planning Form.

5.  Submit your assignment and review your Learnics data. 

6.  Answer the post-assignment question using your Learnics data.

  • How long did you look at your calendar (agenda/LMS/Google Classroom/etc)?
  • How long did you work on the Student Planning Form?
  • Does your data show any time off task?

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