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What is Learnics?

Learnics is a FREE Chrome Extension which allows you to easily create bibliographies and track all of your research for any online project, within any subject area, in a powerfully simple way.
  • Use your research pathway to easily create a bibliography in APA, MLA, or Chicago formats!
  • Annotate and color code research on the fly!
  • Create and export notes
  • Use tags to organize visited websites
  • Auto-generated citations
  • Overall snapshot report of research process easily shared with others
  • Prove your work is yours


No copy and paste needed! Auto-generate a bibliography based on research history and logged sites in MLA, APA, & Chicago styles!

Notes and Tags

No more toggling between tabs! Effortlessly tag websites as you go and record research notes for any content with Learnics!

Snapshot Report

Authenticate your new knowledge by sharing a snapshot of your research activities with anyone! Print, embed, or attach!
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Learnics helps make the invisible - visible. Providing an opportunity for learners, teachers, and administrators to truly go beyond the product and illuminate the process.
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