Privacy Policy

Learnics was founded on the belief that data about student online activity contains extremely valuable information that can be used to improve teaching and learning. This data also contains personal information about students and teachers that needs to be kept confidential and secure. Learnics' mission is to provide educators with the data they need to improve learning while maintaining the privacy and data security of all students, teachers and users. This Privacy Policy describes Learnics’ privacy practices in relation to information that we collect through the website ( and through the software applications made available by us for use on or through computers and mobile devices that link to this Privacy Policy (the “App”).

Learnics Data Privacy Quick Summary:
- We do not display advertising on our App or on our Website.
- We do not sell or share your data with third parties to advertise or market their services or products to you.
- We do not host third-party cookies or trackers that would allow those third parties to track you on our site to advertise or market their products or services to you.
- We use the data you share with Learnics solely to provide you the Learnics’ service, to improve it, and to keep you updated about new developments. We only use third party services that have made the same commitment to us.

This policy is in accordance with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and outlines our practices world-wide regarding the personal information of all students under 13. For more information about COPPA and general tips about protecting children’s online privacy, please visit OnGuard Online.

Student User Information Collected and Stored
This section outlines how data is collected, stored and secured for users of Learnics Insight Link.  The Learnics Insight Link is the Google Chrome Extension that is added to the Chrome Web Browser in order to record website activity during an assignment. In order to create a unique account, Learnics does require that all users enter their own Google Account to sign on (via Single Sign-On), and may collect additional information such as name of school or class, and whether they are a teacher or student, in order to assign the user to the correct user group.

We collect and use the following information to provide, improve and protect our Services for Learnics Insight Link Users:

- Account – We collect the user email address and associate it with the user account. Some of our services let you access your accounts and your information with other service providers.
- Services – When you use our Services, we store, process, and transmit your files and information related to them.
- Usage –  The Learnics’ Insight Link Chrome Extension only collects user online activity data when it is turned on.  No data is collected when the Learnics Insight Link Chrome Extension is off.   When Learnics' Insight Link is on, a record of the websites visited (browsing history) is recorded.   This record is stored locally on the user's computer and is sent to the server periodically (so that teachers can see live progress updates) and when the user submits the assignment.  When Learnics’ Insight Link is turned on, it records the URL of websites visited in the Chrome Web Browser window that it is installed on.  Learnics’ Insight Link does not collect activity in other browsers such as Internet Explorer or Safari.  Learnics’ Insight Link only records website URLs and the time spent in each URL.  Learnics’ Insight Link DOES NOT record passwords, usernames, IP addresses,  Location services, screenshots, any type of “chat” conversations or any text within the documents that the user opens such as emails, docs, or websites.  Other than student users who answer teacher-generated questions on the website (,  any type of text or comments that students make in an online site is not recorded or collected.    To be clear, Learnics’ Insight Link simply records a list of website addresses that students access while the Insight Link is turned on….That's it!
- Google Search Term Data Collection - When a student submits a Google Search, Google opens a new webpage with the results for the search terms submitted. The URL of this new webpage of search results contains the search terms that the student submitted into Google Search. Since we collect URLs while the Insight Link is turned on, we are able to determine the search terms that were submitted. To be clear, Learnics Insight Link can only collect Google Search terms from a user that are submitted to Google Search while the Insight Link is turned on. Learnics does not “read” student keystrokes or text typed on webpages. All of Learnics’ analytics are generated from a history of the website URLs that a student accesses while Learnics’ Insight Link is turned-on.
- Recording Notifications - We want students to know when their data is being recorded by Learnics.  There are three features in place to make sure students are aware that the Learnics Insight Link is turned on. WE WANT students to know their activity is being recorded. It produces better learning outcomes!
1) When a student opens a Learnics-enabled assignment from Google Classroom, a pop-up window appears to indicate that that recording is beginning.
2) While recording, the Chrome Extension turns from grey to red.
3) The most obvious indicator of recording is the blue bar that appears at the top of each new webpage that is opened to indicate that a record of that page has been logged.
- Data Transparency - We want students to have ownership and awareness of their data. With Learnics, students have the ability to review a record of their online activity.

Teacher User Information Collected and Stored
This section describes what types of information is collected by Learnics from users in the teacher role.  
- Account – We collect the teacher user email address and associate it with the teacher user account. Since we use Google Authentication we do not collect, nor do we have the ability to collect, teacher or student passwords. You can review Google’s Privacy Policy for use of your Google account here.  
- Usage – Teachers DO NOT have any of their online behavior data recorded. As teachers utilize Learnics to create classes and assignments, the names of those items are saved with the Learnics Database and associated back to the teacher user.

Learnics Teacher Link Permissions
Learnics’ Teacher Link is a Chrome Extension that allows teachers to create Learnics-enabled assignments from within Google Classroom.  Learnics needs several permissions in order to have the ability to do this.  Below are the permissions that Learnics’ Teacher Link users will grant and an explanation of what Learnics does with that permission.

Learnics currently used Google scopes:

Optional Scope:

Read more about Google authorization scopes:

Google language:
- It can read and change your data on
- Manage coursework and grades for students in Google Classroom classes you teach and view the coursework and grades for classes you administer
- View your coursework and grades in Google Classroom
- View your Google Classroom classes

Learnics uses these permissions to create a Learnics' linked Classroom assignment on your behalf using the Classroom API. We do not access or store the contents of your assignments, courses or grades.

Google Drive Permission:
Learnics allows you to choose a file to add to your Classroom assignment just like you can when creating an assignment within Classroom. Linking an assignment file from Google Drive requires Google Drive file access, so you will be prompted to accept that permission. This permission grants Learnics the ability to access the link to only the file(s) you choose to add to the assignment. Learnics will never access the contents of any documents or store any documents.

Data Security of User Information
Firewalls are used to segregate application tiers and provide strict controls on access to resources within our networks.  Your data is also encrypted at rest on the servers hosted by our cloud services partners AWS and Google Cloud Platform, which we selected because of their compliance with COPPA, and their stringent security measures, including compliance with the following certifications and third-party attestations:

- SAS70 Type II audits
Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)
- ISO 27001 certification
U.S. General Services Administration FISMA-Moderate level operation authorization

Outages, attacks, unauthorized use, or other factors may compromise the security of user information at any time. In the event of a security breach, we will notify you by posting on the Learnics Website and notifying you by email using the email address on your account within 72 hours of Learnics becoming aware of such breach.

Stewardship of your data
User data security and privacy is critical to us and a responsibility that we embrace. We believe that our users’ data should receive the same legal protections regardless of whether it’s stored on our services or on their home computer’s hard drive. We’ll abide by our principles when receiving, scrutinizing and responding to government requests for our users’ data:
- Be transparent
- Fight blanket requests
- Protect all users
- Provide trusted services