Using a To Do List/Planner/Agenda

Emily Williams
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Assignment Name: Using a To-Do List/Planner/Agenda

Topic/Unit: Study Skills: Time Management Strategies

 Students will be able to

  • Utilize a planner or electronic resource/tool to record and track short and long-term assignments.
  • Utilize assistive technology as an organizational tool.
  • Prioritize and manage time effectively.

1.  Research different types of to-do lists and planners. Your goal is to find an organization tool or system you think will work well for you. 

Remember!  There are many different ways to plan and organize your time.  An important part of successful time management is finding systems that work for you. It is okay to mix and match tools and systems. Don’t forget to consider the school tools you have like your online assignment calendar and school agenda. 

Here are some search terms and videos to get you started:

Bullet journal

Daily To-Do List

Weekly To-Do List

Master list and prioritized list

1-3-5 To-Do List

Crash Course Study Skills: Planning and Organization

5 Smarter Ways to Organize Your To-Do List

How to Set Up Your Planner for the School Year

2. Describe an organization tool or system you think will work well for you. Include the following details:

  • Which physical and digital tools you will use
  • When you will use it (every class, in the morning, before starting homework, etc.)
  • How you will use it (What will you include, write, do?)
  • Where will you use and keep it? (physical and digital spaces)

Write your answers here: 


3. Submit your assignment.

4. Review your data in the Learnics App. 

5. Answer the questions in the Post-Assignment Questions section. 

  • Using your data, reflect on your process as you completed the assignment.  How did you manage and prioritize your time?  What did you do well?  What could you do better next time?

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