Learnics Workshop

  Coming in the Winter 2023

                                                                   Saturday, February 4 @11:00 AM (EST)
In this 1.5 hour interactive workshop, you will have an opportunity to experience Learnics from the perspective of both a student and teacher. As the student, you will complete an online research assignment following teacher specified expectations and using the Learnics Student Link. After completing the assignment as a student, we will review the data for the class from the perspective of a teacher and discuss applications of Learnics across various content areas and grade levels.

Deadline is January 30, 2023

  • The last 30 minutes will be set aside for Q&A.
  • Teachers will leave this session with free pre-made Learnics lessons.
  • Amazon gift cards will be awarded to selected participants.
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Learnics helps make the invisible - visible. Providing an opportunity for learners, teachers, and administrators to truly go beyond the product and illuminate the process.
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