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Upcoming Events:

  • Getting Started webinar, Tuesday April 27, 8pm EDT, : Sign up here!
  • Learnics TAP meeting Wednesday May 19th, 7pm EDT, : Sign up here!
  • Ed Tech Coach Demo Wednesday January 27, 3pm: Sign up here!

New Features:

  • Now teachers using the Teacher Link Chrome extension can choose Learnics post-assignment questions when creating an assignment.
  • Design improvements on Teacher Link Chrome extension assignment creation form.
  • Summary data emails now sent to teachers after an assignment's due date.
    Summary email sample image
  • New Teacher Chrome extension allows you to add an assignment to Learnics as you create an assignment in Google Classroom!
  • Add students to your courses before they've submitted an assignment! Simply give a student an assignment link. When they visit the link, they are added to the course automatically, and will show up in the list of students before they submit their first assignment.
  • Logger now starts automatically when students begin an assignment! See details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHoIJErPa3c
  • When logger is on, a banner appears at the top of the page reminding students that they are logging.
  • Teachers are now able to press a button on their assignment page to view an assignment like a student.
  • Set a due date for your assignments! After the due date, students will no longer be able to submit to the assignment.
  • New in-assignment questions! Check out the changes here.
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