Courtney Landau
November 29, 2020
Courtney Landau is a software developer at Learnics.

The Learnics team is excited to announce a new feature that many of our teachers have been asking for, in-assignment questions! Now, when teachers create an assignment, they can add questions that they want their students to answer while doing their research. Unlike post assignment questions, students can complete these questions while they are researching and Learnics will record the time in the activity log. 

Creating an assignment:
Learnics teachers can add assignment questions when creating a new assignment.

You will also notice that the student assignment page has been redesigned. It has been simplified to include only the assignment details, assignment questions, and logger controls. To work on the assignment, a student now needs to start the logger, do the research, and answer the questions. When they have completed the assignment, they press the submit assignment button, and are taken to their data page. 

Student view of assignment page

Enjoy the new features, and as always, feel free to send all feedback to

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