Empowered Virtual Learning

Learnicsᴾᴸ supports educators’ shift to digital learning by developing an understanding of how to design, deliver,
and assess virtual learning experiences.

Professional Learning experiences by Learnicsᴾᴸ will provide educators with the tools and skills needed to:

  • Hold students accountable.
  • Demonstrate student learning activity.
  • Design complete online learning experiences.
  • Improve instructional design for virtual learning.
  • Additionally, administrators & technology coaches will gain critical skills necessary to support and evaluate online learning.

Empowered Virtual Learning is a 4-Course Series

The duration of each of our four courses is between 2 to 3 hours. Within that structure, we can customize the learning series based on on your schedule and learning goals. One or several of our professional learning facilitators can deliver the instruction in person or virtually.

Our team is made up of veteran teachers, administrators, and university professors who understand completely the challenges you and your teachers face everyday. Their knowledge and experience with Learnicsᴵᴸ is second to none.

Course 1: Analytics Debut

This is an introductory prerequisite course that will establish why analytics about digital learning can support the shift to digital learning.  Participants will be provided with examples and have the opportunity to reflect on how data informed digital learning can improve their instruction. Designed for everyone who wants improve virtual learning.

Course 2: Classroom Insights

Participants will interact, reflect and make actionable insights with digital learning data.  A humanistic approach is taken to understand the unique and individual pathway of digital learning. Designed with teachers and learning facilitators in mind, but all are welcome!

Course 3: Planning for Online Learning

Participants will use analytics to transform and redesign digital learning experiences through the lens of Pedagogy and Content using technology to improve teaching and learning. Designed with teachers and learning facilitators in mind, but all are welcome!

Course 4: Instructional Support

Participants will gain knowledge and support for coaching educators to use digital learner data for the purpose of reflecting and improving upon design, delivery, and assessment of digital learning experiences. Designed with technology coaches and administrators in mind, but all are welcome!

Why Now?

The methods of instructional delivery for the 2020-2021 school year is very uncertain. Regardless of in-person, blended or virtual instruction, it is likely that educators will rely heavily on some form of digital learning. The Learnicsᴵᴸ mission is to support the design and implementation of virtual learning. The time to train teachers on effective methods of virtual lesson design, student accountability and innovative new instructional methods is now.

Why Learnicsᴵᴸ?

Our professional learning facilitators and presenters are all experienced and certified teachers and administrators. This is a professional learning series that is relevant, research-based and designed to support both virtual & blended learning. Learnicsᴵᴸ is a free Chrome extension and incredibly user friendly for both teachers and students.


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