July 26, 2022

                                                                 What's new with Learnics 

Learnics’ developers have been hard at work to create new ways of gleaning insights from student online activity.  Much of what we are releasing in the upcoming months is based directly on teacher feedback.  Here are three new features which are now available that we are really excited about. 

Live Monitoring of Student Research Progress

The new teacher dashboard lets teachers monitor student online progress toward the teacher’s established assignment goals.  This dashboard allows teachers the ability to quickly see where students are spending their time and intervene when students are not making progress. This dashboard will be an ideal solution to track student progress during multi-day research projects.  

Research Story Expectations

Teachers now have the ability to create and share expectations with their students. These expectations establish what student online learning behaviors should look like.  We are calling this the “research story” and it has two major benefits.  First, it encourages teachers to be aware and intentional about how they design online assignments and the experiences that they want students to have while completing the assignment. Secondly,  it makes students aware of teacher expectations and lets them know what success looks like for each assignment. 

Students Self-Monitoring

The student interface received a make-over as well.  The most noticeable change is the addition of the student progress bar.  This progress bar allows students to see how they are progressing toward the teacher's expectations.  Students can self-monitor their progress and know when it is time to shift their behaviors.  When students meet all of the research story expectations they are rewarded with confetti.  


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