Jessica Sain
March 27, 2023

Want your students to have the tools they need to be better online researchers? Learnics provides the most automatic and authentic bibliography tool on the market. With Learnics, citations are automatically generated based on the actual time students spend on sources as they conduct research without having to stop browsing to add a website to a list. This also prevents students from having to backtrack and try to remember which websites they visited at the end of an assignment. Take the frustration out of bibliographies and allow your students to focus on learning with the use of the Learnics Bibliography!   

With Learnics, bibliographies are as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Research

When students open a learnics-enabled assignment, a record of their online activity is recorded. The citations for those sources are automatically added to their bibliography while ancillary sites such as google docs or email are removed from their bibliography data. 

     2. Review

Once students are done researching, they can choose their citation format (APA or MLA) and view their bibliography draft. Learnics uses the time students spend on sites to help students identify which sources to select for their final bibliography. When students view each of the citations for the websites they visited, they can also see how long they spent on each website next to the citation. Students can edit, delete or add any missing information. 

    3. Submit

After students are done editing and selecting the final citations for their bibliography, they can submit the final list to their teacher. Students can also  copy the bibliography directly into an external assignment or export the bibliography into a formatted PDF.  


  • Annotation and tagging capabilities from with the Learnics Extension

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