Teacher Ambassador Program

Interested in becoming a part of Learnics' Teacher Ambassador Program?
Here's how it works...
Teachers may earn up to $350 per approved exemplary lesson
I. Lesson Implementation
(one-time initial payment: $100)
Learnicsᴵᴸ Team works with interested teachers to set up their first Learnicsᴵᴸ assignment and troubleshoots implementation with students.

Teachers' provide feedback to software developer and Learnicsᴵᴸ team.

Participates in at least 4 Learnicsᴵᴸ teacher/research team meetings and/or meetings with a member of Learnicsᴵᴸ team

Completes the
Learnicsᴵᴸ Teacher Ambassador Interest Form
II. Exemplar Lesson Development
($200/approved lesson)
Develops an exemplary lesson that utilizes Learnicsᴵᴸ as a key component of the lesson

Shares detailed lesson plan that teachers could follow and student materials needed

Submits completed Learnicsᴵᴸ Learning Experiences Template for review. Reviewed by Learnicsᴵᴸ team using the rubric

The approved exemplar lesson is uploaded to the Learnicsᴵᴸ Lesson Library as a free resource for other teachers
III. Lesson Promotion
(up to $150)
Provides a link to the approved Learnicsᴵᴸ lesson promoted to 3 audiences ($50)

Social Media Bonus - The Learnicsᴵᴸ Twitter Page posting of the lesson received at least 100 likes ($25)

User Engagement Bonus - Pageviews of the lesson on the Learnicsᴵᴸ Lesson Library exceeded 300 within two weeks of the posting ($25)

Personal Connection Bonus - Copy of email attached that shows a personal interaction with a teacher that resulted in them creating a new Learnicsᴵᴸ account and using Learnicsᴵᴸ with a class ($50)

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