Teacher Ambassador Program

Fall 2021 Cohort

For many of us, the shift to online teaching was an abrupt shift that took on many forms during the past 18 months. As we settle back into face-to-face instruction, it is expected that some of the online lessons and practices that were adopted during the pandemic will continue.

Learnics continues to grow and adapt our software as we get feedback from teachers. With our recent NSF grant award and the hiring of a new software developer, your recommendations and user experience is even more critical as we add new features and look for how the data can be made even more useful to teachers and students.

Learnics seeks to provide teachers and students with data about student online learning behaviors and processes and is excited to invite you to be a part of our Teacher Ambassador Program (TAP) Fall 2021 Cohort. 

The goals of this cohort is to meet one time per month via Zoom to discuss:

  • How are you using Learnics in your classroom (what types of projects, lessons, etc.)?
  • What have you learned from the data?
  • How can you use this data to improve your teaching?
  • How can your students use this data to enhance their own learning?

We know that good teachers are always evaluating their practice and seeking ways to ensure students are learning. We think this cohort can help spark discussions not only about how to improve Learnics but also provide a venue for professional sharing of ideas for best practices when designing online learning experiences for students. 

Learnics may help you answer the following questions:

  • Did my online lesson accomplish its objective?
  • Did my students engage with texts appropriate for the content we were studying?
  • How much time did my students spend on the online assignment and did that match my expectations?
  • Do my students have the digital literacy skills needed to conduct effective online research?
  • How does my students’ online searches illustrate their understanding (or lack thereof) of the content that is being studied?

Why should you participate?

We think this process sounds a lot like action research. Or, maybe it is part of a project you can do as part of your evaluation this year. Or, perhaps participation in the cohort could inform you as you develop your SLO. Or, we can see this cohort as personal professional development.

Who should participate?

All existing and new Learnics teachers are invited to participate! 

What you will do:
  • Use Learnics for at least one class assignment that you are interested in getting data about student online behaviors
  • Identify at least one question that you are hoping that the Learnics data will help you to answer
  • Share your experience as well as your students’ experiences during cohort meetings
  • Discuss your analysis of the data and your take-a-ways
  • Participate in two meetings during Fall 2021 (Zoom, 45 minutes)
What you will get:
  • Training in how to use Learnics with your class
  • Technical support
  • One-on-one consultation with a member of the Learnics team
  • A Professional Learning Network (PLN) with other like-minded teachers
  • $200 stipend after the final meeting


  • Deadline to sign-up: Friday, October 15, 2021
  • First meeting: Week of 10/18/2021 Exact time and day to be determined.
  • To learn more, contact Doug Lare at dlare@learnics.com
  • Sign up by sending an email to D. Lare expressing interest, school district, grades/subject taught.
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