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The Learnics team is available to support you as you create or deliver a Learnics lesson you can also access the Getting Started File HERE

To schedule a time, email:

Or schedule with Google Calendar:

To report a problem:


The Learnics team is available to support you as you create or deliver a Learnics lesson you can also access the Getting Started File HERE

To schedule a time, email:

Or schedule with Google Calendar

To report a problem:

Install the Learnics App in Schoology

1. Download the Learnics App from with Schoology App Center

Getting Started with Schoology

2. Choose Learnics assignment as a material or assignment.

3. Fill out the assignment form starting with a title, description, points, and due date.

4. Add any attachments from Google Drive, or URLs you wish the student to visit.  
5. Set a minimum and maximum amount of time for the assignment using the slide bar at the bottom of the screen.  
6. Use the pie chart to divide the minimum amount of time between recommended sites vs. external sites.

7. Add any assignment questions by typing or copying/pasting from an already created document. For additional question click the + sign, when complete click save

8. Post-Assignment Questions are optional. Students access these questions after they have submitted their assignment from with in the student app.                       Teachers can choose pre-made questions or create their own.

9. Advanced options are set by default. Teachers can enable/disable students' ability to delete sites or pause logging.  
    Teacher can enable/disable students to view sites visited by the entire class.

Be sure to click
SUBMIT at the end of the assignment form


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To report a problem:

Getting Started with Learnics Web Application

Sharing your Learnics Assignment

If your Learnics Course is linked to your Google Classroom, a link to the assignment will appear in Google Classroom.

If your Learnics Account is not linked to Google Classroom, copy the Direct Link to your Learnics Assignment and share it wil your students.   

Viewing Course/Assignment Data

Once student data is collected, the data and analytics will be available on the dashboard, under the specific assignment.


  1. There are two ways to access teacher data
    - Google Classroom users
    - Web-Based users (
  2. Google Classroom Users
    -Teachers can access data by going to the Google Learnics assignment and clicking on the Learnics icon.

  3. Web-Based Users
    -Teachers can access the data by going to
     sign into your Google account
adding an extension

Track an Assignment

  1. Ensure that you are not logged into any Google account other than your school account on the LearnicsSL Chrome extension.
  2. Open your Chrome browser and follow the direct link to the assignment provided by your teacher.
  3. Alternatively, you can enter the access code provided by your teacher into the Chrome extension and click “Check Access Code”.
  4. When you are ready to begin working on the assignment, click the start button and start your research in a separate tab.
    1. The LearnicsSL Chrome Extension icon will turn red when it is collecting data.

Complete and Submit an Assignment

  1. Once you are done working online to complete the assignment, click “Stop” to stop tracking activity.
  2. Then click “Submit” to end tracking and submit your assignment & log data to your teacher.
  3. You can return to the same assignment and track your learning over time.

Learnics Getting Started as a Student

Technology Staff

In order to use LearnicsSL, students will need to install a Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. However, some school districts do not give students the permissions necessary to download Chrome extensions. If this is the case at your district, please follow your protocol for installing the LearnicsSL Chrome extension on their devices.

Many districts are able to do this without a problem, however, some districts may filter certain sites that are necessary to allow the extension to work. To use LearnicsSL in your school, you will need to whitelist access the following sites:

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