Advanced Placement

AP Research Professional Resources
Using the Learnics Tool
The following assignment examples will show how the Learnics tool can be used within the AP Research curriculum

Summer Work: Initial Research

In order to streamline progress towards respective academic paper, presentation, and subsequent oral defense, the summer is a great time to begin exploring potential research topics and begin building some baseline knowledge for this course and the required performance tasks.

In this lesson, students will brainstorm possible research topics, and then narrow ideas down to three possible topics. In assessing these topics, students should be able to answer each of the following questions:

  • "Will it keep me interested for a long period?"
  • "Can I answer it with the time and resources I have?"
  • "Is there someone (an expert advisor) who can—and is willing to—supervise me?"
  • "Do I have some idea of how to go about answering it?"

This assignment, paired with Learnics, can provide the AP Research teacher with an opportunity to see the research skills that students have obtained from AP Seminar, as well as help the teacher determine where to start in the fall to improve research skills.