Teachers reported that the learning analytics made them “take a closer look” (Teacher A) at their assignments and how students conduct research.”
— Administrator, researcher, ThinkingApp user

Happy ThinkingApp Users


“The ThinkingApp helps make the invisible - visible. Teachers often design open-ended, problem-based assignments that require students to use the Internet. In the past, once students set out onto the worldwide web, teachers had few tools to help them “see” that students were doing and learning. Now, with the ThinkingApp, teachers can see the process and individualized learning paths with just a few clicks.”

— Michelle Cook, educator, thinkingapp user

“The ThinkingApp can also be used with adult learners. I am using the ThinkingApp with teachers conducting online research tied to completing a micro-credential as part of their professional learning and growth. The ThinkingApp provides insight into how teachers are conducting research. The targeted analytics helps me, as a facilitator or professional learning, support teachers in their professional growth, hopefully leading to the completion of their micro-credential.

— Dr. isabel resende, Assistant superintendent, researcher, thinkingapp user

“I give (students) reflection questions. We reflect on online usage- awesome free thinking app through @learnics1 that tracks student data and allows them to see and the (teacher) to collect class data- and on what they did using this sheet.

— Kristen Sevinsky, educator, thinkingapp featured user

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 Our Valued Partners in Learning

East Stroudsburg University - Economic Development & Entrepreneurship Program


Learnics is a member of the East Stroudsburg University Innovation Center Business Accelerator Program.  As such, Learnics utilizes space and resources at the ESU Innovation Center.  Learnics also works closely with ESU Doctoral researchers and staff members to further research within the field of targeted learning analytics. 


Media Literacy Now- leading national advocacy organization for media literacy education policy

Learnics and Media Literacy Now is partnered to help teachers and students apply media literacy while also developing their own media literacy.


National Science Foundation (NSF)- Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant

Learnics announced in July 2019 the amazing news of being awarded the SBIR grant in order to continue our research in the areas of targeted learning analytics and automatic actionable analytics to transform education. The NSF SBIR grant will allow the Learnics team to develop and launch a student portal so that students may access their data history, integrate printable student reporting features, and develop key learning indicators that automatically identify students that are in need of interventions.