Whaling's Cultural & Economic Impacts

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This lesson is from a US history I curriculum. However, since the focus is on research skills, the protocol could be used in any discipline. It will take at least two class periods. Teachers may want to allow up to three class periods depending on the length of class periods as well as the ability of the students.

This lesson explores the intersection of economics, art, music and culture in 19th century Massachusetts. This lesson is taught as part of a larger unit which examines the changing American economy in the United States as a result of the industrial revolution. While this lesson does focus on the historical elements of the economics and culture of the United States, it may be useful for other disciplines, such as language arts, economics, business classes, and music and arts classes.

Research Assignment Background

This lesson, while focusing on whaling, will most importantly focus on the research ability of students and will allow the teacher to examine the research capabilities of their students using the Insight Link. This lesson directs students to reliable websites to use for the assignment. Students are also allowed to use other outside sources. If they use outside sources, they will be instructed as to how to use the CRAAP rating system.  

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