This image-based search challenge (Bryne, 2019) provides a photo that is used as a prompt for an online research activity. Students will use the image and background information provided to answer the non-googleable question posed. The LearnicsIL Insight Link will provide students with information to help them assess the effectiveness of their research strategies and accuracy of their response. LearnicsIL is a useful tool for teachers to introduce information literacy concepts and online research strategies and the data can be used for all class instruction and discussion.

This lesson is one way to introduce LearnicsIL to students as well as introduce students to information literacy and online research strategies. For example, this exercise could provide practice for using the CRAAP test (credibility of a website, the currency of the information, the author, the purpose of the website) or the use of Boolean operators in Google search engine to narrow results with specific search terms. Students will complete the questions on the link to the student copy of the lesson.

Make It Your Own - This basic lesson template can be used in many different ways. Feel free to customize this lesson using your own image and questions.
Make It More Challenging - In this example, students were provided with clues in the background information provided, “The sign originated in Brielle, which is a town on the Jersey shore.” To make the search even more challenging, this sentence could be eliminated and additional questions could be asked. For example, from the picture, do you have any ideas of where this sign originated? How do you know? (Students could search the name of the realtor and/or the zip code to discover this realtor is probably located in NJ).
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