Moving from Why to Should

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This lesson is done at the beginning of a semester to first determine students' abilities in composing a research question and to acquire an answer to their question. The pre-reflection questions along with student data and responses to the reflection questions are used to discuss questioning tactics. Additional discussion about the time spent on the assignment, while also showing them the data available through Learnics will be used to see how students accessed mostly the same websites, allowing students to digest the fact that the World Wide Web offered many sources, but they only selected a few. This particular lesson lent itself to the students completing an EdPuzzle on 'CRAAP' criteria to be able to determine reliable vs. unreliable internet sources.

In this lesson, the students will use the post-reflection questions to evaluate their internet research skills.

Assignment Details

Using the Learnics application, you will answer the question:

  • Why do we study British Literature in a United States public high school?

This application will provide you data on the types of websites you are using as well as the search terms. You will be provided the data once you finalize an answer with your search. You will then use the data to answer 4 reflective questions about your methods/time/validity or research.

Feedback Questions:

  1. Look at your search terms. What terms seemed to “work best,” that is, led to websites that helped you with the assignment the most? List your best search terms here:
  2. Looking at all your data, does anything surprise you?
  3. Did your perceptions change concerning your ability to do research online?
  4. Based on your data from this assignment, how would you change your research strategies next time?
  5. Please copy/paste the best site you found to state why British Literature is studied in a United States public high school.

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