Sample Informational Letter to Parents

Dear Parent/Guardian,


<SchoolName> is a school that continually strives to provide teachers with the tools needed to make the best educational decisions for your students.   The ThinkingApp is the most recent tool being introduced in order to provide teachers with the data necessary to make informed decisions about the educational needs of your student.  ThinkingApp is an innovative new tool that allows teachers to gain deep insights into the online learning experience of students.  

The ThinkingApp is downloaded on your student’s school-issued Chromebook.  It allows students to record, edit and submit a log of the online activity that they conducted in order to complete an assignment.  A record of all student online activity on school Chromebooks has always been recorded on school servers and available to school staff members but the sheer volume of data recorded made it impractical and ineffective for an individual teacher to decipher in order to gain targeted insights about an individual student or assignment.  The use of ThinkingApp allows teachers to empower students to record and submit to them a list of the specific online activities that they conducted to accomplish a specific assignment.  Students have full control about when to turn the ThinkingApp on and off.  Students can also review and delete any activity from their recorded data before submitting it to their teacher.  All student data is kept on secured servers and is only made available to your student’s teachers.  ThinkingApp is compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  


The targeted learning data that is made available through ThinkingApp has several educational benefits.  For example, teachers see the personal online learning pathway that each student went down.  Teachers will also see the total amount of time that students spent on their assignment and how long they spent on various online resources accessed for each assignment.  We believe that this targeted data and analytics will help teachers better understand your students online learning processes and ultimately improve their educational experience.  


The ThinkingApp is provided by a company called Learnics.  More information about the ThinkingApp and Learnics can be found at  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours in Education,