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Learn how to use the ThinkingApp and analyze the data that ThinkingApp provides


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Step 1- Download the ThinkingApp

ThinkingApp is a Google extension that allows students to record and submit their online activity for a specific assignment.  Click here to access download the ThinkingApp through the Google Play Store.  ThinkingApp is quick to install and easy to use. 

Step 2-Create an Account & Assignment

Teachers access their student's data at the teacher portal.  In this portal teachers create a free secured account using their google email address.  Teachers then create a new assignment and will be given a unique assignment code to share with their students.  Once students submit data using the assignment code. It will become visible in the portal to the teacher.  

Step 3 - Learn how to utilize the data

ThinkingApp provides data that is very specific to the individual student learning experience within the context of the assignment.  The teacher of that student is the person best situated to interpret, understand and apply the data.  Each teacher will look at their data differently but some basic analytic strategies and concepts are presented in a short video by clicking here (coming soon).  Click here to watch a short video about the various approaches that can be taken to assess the data. 

Step 4 - Innovate, adapt and improve learning

ThinkingApp provides data that is unlike any that teachers previously could access.  Visit our Blog and Strategies page to learn how to utilize ThinkingApp to modify assignments, differentiate instruction, and rethink the way content is delivered and assignments are designed.

Visualization of learning.png

ThinkingApp helped me stay focused on my research.
— 7th Grade Student

Step 5 - Go Further, Research and Professional Learning  

Learnics is an emerging field of teaching and learning that is based on research within the areas of Learning Analytics, Data Mining, Instructional design and the TPACK Framework.  Click here to access relevant articles and Professional Development resources related to these fields and begin to form your own understanding of how Learnics can help your students in your classroom.