Learnics featured Podcast!

Learnics featured Podcast!

Learnics Featured on the Computers, Coffee, and Curriculum Podcast


Co-founders Dr. Greg Cottrell and Dr. Doug Lare had an amazing time chatting with team of the Computers, Coffee, and Curriculum Podcast.

They write:

“In this episode (CCC0015) we talk with Dr. Greg Cottrell Principal at North Hunterdon High School in Nazareth Pennsylvania and Dr. Doug Lare Professor of Professional & Secondary Education, Co-Department Chair, Doctoral Program Coordinator at East Stroudsburg University about Learnics and the ThinkingApp

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04:15 Thinking App

06:55 Goal of Learnics

09:50 Surprising Trends

11:53 Looking at the Data

13:40 Scope and Sequence

14:10 Maximizing Student Engagement in Learning

15:50 What Strategies Can We Use to Personalize Learning with Technology”

Learnics earns an NSF Grant!

Learnics earns an NSF Grant!