TERS 2019- A Small but Mighty Conference

Dr. Greg Cottrell and Dr. Isabel Resende presented their dissertation research methodology and findings at the Technology Education Research Symposium on April 13th at Bloomsburg University. The conference does not draw a huge crowd but those who do attend are amongst some one the most intellectual, innovative and influential educational researchers in PA.

Dr. Cottrell and Dr. Resende presented on “Teacher’s use of learning analytics as formative practice.” Specifically the learning analytics discussed were those that were collected through the use of the ThinkingApp. During the presentation, they revealed their new term that they are proposing to be used in reference to this data. This term is “Targeted Online Learner Analytics” (TOLA). This form on analytics can be used to describe the individual educational story of each learner as they explored the internet to complete an assignment.

Some of the key findings of Dr. Resende’s dissertation are listed below:

  • “The incorporation of learning analytics into teacher’s instructional design toolkit will allow a teacher to make more informed pedagogical decisions” (Cottrell, 2017, p.140). Supported by results of this study

  • Learning analytics were useful metrics in providing feedback and intervening with students

  • Learning analytics were useful metrics for reflecting on the quality of the assignment

  • Learning analytics did not change the instructional planning for individual students

Throughout this interactive presentation the audience provided some very insightful comments including:

  • “We need to ‘lean in’ to students passions, The ThinkingApp can help educators understand, support, and enhance those passions!”

  • “The data provided is the ‘Story’ of a student experience”

A link to the full presentation is below:

“Teacher’s use of learning analytics as formative practice.”