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Learnics helps schools build optimal online learning experiences by providing teachers with the ability to analyze how students conduct online research. The requirement to "show me your work" is no longer just for math class.  Learnics' software captures a targeted record of student online learning activity and is able to show the work that a student did for any online assignment.  This record  of online work provides the data necessary to hold students accountable, identify students in need of support, and improve the design of their lessons.  With Learnics, teachers are also able to support Digital Citizenship and Research Skills.

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Learnics is a Google Chrome extension that enables teachers to create research-based lessons, allowing students to capture and submit a record of their online learning as part of an an assignment. Teachers can assess how students conduct online research while students are actively working, identify students in need of support, and improve lesson design. Students are able to generate and edit a bibliography based upon the sites they visited and reflect upon their research approach. This tool allows teachers to support students during their research assignment, making the process as important as the final product. The goals of Learnics are to support, improve, and transform students’ work throughout their online learning and provide teachers with a channel to monitor students’ research in real-time.

To use the Learnics software, teachers and students must install the Learnics Teacher Link and Learnics Student Ling Google Chrome Extensions on their web-based devices. This can be done in the Learnics app, or through Google Classroom, and Schoology. Teachers can create a lesson with research expectations. that students can access through the Learnics Student Link. When students begin the assignment they start logging their activity by opening the Learnics assignment or logging into the Google Chrome extension and stop logging when they are ready to turn in their assignment. Teachers are able to monitor students' progress throughout their logging time on the Learnics Teacher Link. Once the assignment is turned in, students and teachers are then able to see an output of user-friendly visualizations based upon the student's online research. Students are also able to generate and edit a bibliography based upon the sites they visited. The bibliography feature is one-of-a-kind in its accuracy and user-friendly editable format.

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